Remote first

Our team is remote. And we have been since day 1, over 10 years ago. We care so much about it that we shared our remote working guide with the world. Remote work is in our DNA.

That said, and for those who prefer it, we expect to have an office available in Sofia later in the year.

What to expect when you apply

We will get in touch via email to arrange a series of zoom video conversations.

It’ll be three separate hour-long conversations where you’ll meet people from different parts of the organization and ultimately our CTO - Stefan. Depending on how it goes, we might ask you to complete a small coding task.

We see these chats as an opportunity to get to know each other rather than to go through a one-sided questionnaire.

You are interviewing us, as much as we are you.

But I’m not familiar with your tech stack?

We don’t expect you to be. We’ve seen enough people learn and master it and we are confident that you will too. Actually, what is that sits on our tech shelf?

Most of the people on the team come from various different technologies. Chances are you will find a technology buddy here.

Most people expect a pay cut when switching technologies, but we’re not most people. If you’re a confident and experienced developer, we’ll pay you for your experience, not for your familiarity with our tech stack. We trust you will catch up.

Your first month

We take onboarding seriously. You’ll have at least a full month where you can learn our processes, practices and products before you join one of our teams - the one that makes the most sense for you!

Perks I should know about?

We’re offering 25 days of paid annual leave. Additional medical, dental and life insurance packages and a Multisport card.

But the coolest perk are our Offsites.

Twice a year the whole engineering team gathers in a nice, big hotel usually in one of our mountain resorts, where we do an internal Unconference and socialize. Being remote first doesn’t mean we shouldn’t meet. As we already mentioned - we know how to make remote work.

Check out our podcast

We take pride in our work, that’s why we like to talk openly about it. We’re recording a developer oriented podcast in Bulgarian called --force push. Episodes worth noting are Levelling up, Refactoring and Automated Testing.

You don’t have to take our word for it, you can also check us out at glassdoor.

Open positions

See our currently available open positions. Here’s some of them.

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